mardi 21 mars 2017

Thematic Photographic 405 - Wheels and Tires

By now most of you know me well enough to know what my contribution will be about this week!  Cycling is a big part of our activities in the summer and on holidays.  Unlike today's modern car tires that don't often puncture, bike tires are much better than they used to be, but you can still expect at least one puncture on a long ride with a group.  And pumping up the tires is a morning routine on multiple day trips.

In a group, you can count on the instructions of a committee to change that tire

Every morning a bit of air in the tire means your ride will be easier! 

And of course punctures always happen when it is raining.
I love cycling and I am always happy to have my hubby along to change my tire and maintain my bike!

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mardi 7 mars 2017

Thematic Photographic 403 - Take a walk

Well Carmi picked quite the theme for us this week!  Out I went to walk Max the schnauzer this morning only to find all sidewalks iced over.  I tried to walk along the side of the sidewalks on the grass, also iced over.  Max would not walk.  Each step he took he slid!  So back inside we went, I put on my hubby's boots with cleats and down to the garage we went.  After an energetic walk in the indoor garage he was ready to do his business.  Out we went, walking gingerly, he did his business and back in we went!  That was the extent of our walk this morning!

In normal winter weather, especially when it is -20 celsius and -30 with the wind factor, getting ready to go out for a walk takes a lot of time, boots, sweater, scarf, hat, mittens, coat and then there is the dog to dress!  Doesn't look too happy does he.

I much prefer walking in good weather, like in Florida by the beach!

Boyton Beach, Florida, February 2013
And there we have it!  Going for a walk is one of my favourite activties, in good weather please!  If you wish to see the contributions of others please visite Carmi Lévy's blog Written Inc. 

mercredi 1 mars 2017

photographie thématique 402 - mauve (purple)

Carmi nous offre un beau défi cette semaine, la couleur mauve.  En cherchant dans mes archives de photos, j'étais un peu désespéré.  Je cherchais quelque chose hors de l'ordinaire.  Mais finalement ce qui est le plus facile sont les oiseaux et les fleurs.  Alors voilà!

Vous savez déjà que j'aime bien observer les oiseaux.  Je ne suis pas une ornithologue, loin de là mais quand je peux ajouter un oiseau à ma liste comme cette talève violacée, je suis au ciel!

Floride, janvier 2016
 Les fleurs de juin sont souvent les plus spectaculaires, comme ces iris.

Ottawa, juin 2015
Et il y a quelqu'un qui peut me dire le nom de ces jolies petites fleurs qui poussent sur une vigne?

Floride, février 2016
Voilà ma contribution cette semaine.  Si vous voulez voir les contributions des autres participants allez au blog de Carmi Lévy Written Inc.