mardi 28 avril 2015

Thematic Photgraphic 335 - Strange foods we eat.

This week's theme is "Strange foods we eat".  At first I thought, there isn't much I can contribute but a quick look through my photo archives produced a few oddities you might or might not enjoy!

Every time we go to Toronto, I visit the St. Lawrence Market.  I don't think I have ever seen such a diverse indoor market in all our travels.  It continues to amaze me!  Now these bones, are they really for human consumption? It would take a huge soup pot to include this bone in making a stock!  Now I know some dogs who would love these bones!

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto, November 2012
Buggy whips anyone??

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto, November 2012
I had never heard or seen Romanesco Broccoli before seeing it at the St. Lawrence Market.  It is sometimes called Romanesque Broccoli or broccoflower.  It has a more delicate taste than broccoli and crunchier than cauliflower.  You don't find this in all markets! You can prepare it like you do broccoli or cauliflower. Use any of your favourite recipes with these vegetables.

St. Lawerence Market, Toronto, November 2012

For me personally, the strangest food people eat is octopus.  It Spain it is called pulpo and it is often served whole as in my best friend's plate here.  She ate part of it and exclaimed how good it was but never ordered it again!

Spain, June 2008

If you would like to see what strange and weird food people will eat you can view the contribution of others on Carmi Lévy's blog Written Inc. 

3 commentaires:

  1. Michelle - just who or what do those bones come from??? Do you have giant moose in Toronto? Actually I like octopus, properly cooked and crisp - your photo looked more appetising than those I saw in Barcelona! I would love to go round Toronto Market!

  2. Oh I like the looks of the buggy whips and of course when I Googled it here what comes up has to do with a horse harness, but they look quite interesting. All strange to me of course, but so worth checking out if I could!

  3. I know some Irish Wolfhounds who would love to try those bones out for size!