mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Thematic Photographic 386 - Autumn

Well it has been quite a while since I participated in Carmi's Thematic Photography project.  Life is finally settling down and I have some time on my side.  So here comes Autumn.

Québec City always dresses up for the Fall season.  This is City Hall.  Are those pumpkins real?

Québec City - October 2015
I cannot do an autumn theme without a photo of our Max in the leaves.  This photo is a bit nostalgic since it is the the small back yard of our house that we sold last Spring.  No leaves to rake in an apartment!

Max in the leaves from the Norwegian Maple - October 2014
Now what would Autumn be without the migration of geese!  Here is a promotional video from the Chaudière-Appalaches région of Québec that sees the snow goose migration every year.  You might get a chuckle from the translation!

Canada Geese that stop over in farmers' fields near Casselman, Ontario - October 2015
 Now you cannot see these very well because it is the closest I could get.  But it is a very large flock of snow geese in a farmers' field again not far from the village of Casselman, Ontario about 50 km east of Ottawa.
Near Casselman, Ontario - October 2015

If you would like to see other representations of Carmi's theme go to his blog Written Inc.

5 commentaires:

  1. Salut! Je suis heureuse d’avoir trouvé votre blog. J’aime bien le photo de votre chien dans les feuilles!

    Okay, that's about all the French I can muster right now - it's been a LONG time since I have written anything in French.

    I thought we had a lot of geese in our local park, until I saw your photos here.

  2. Oh my. Sometimes they are a bit much at the golf course...

    Hi Max!

  3. That is a lot of geese!! And I love that photo of your dog in the leaves. I do miss our dogs. Lovely photos, Michelle!

  4. But what does Max think about not being able to play among the leaves now you have ab apartment?

    1. He is getting more visits to the off leash park Bob, on top of 4 walks a day!