vendredi 5 décembre 2014

Thematic Photographic 319 - 2 Animal Planet

Well I could not just read about Frasier and not take the opportunity to show off my own schnauzer Max!  Yes schnauzers do everything with intensity. And when Carmi wrote about Frassier howling I can attest that it is a schnauzer trait. Max greets us and everyone who rings our doorbell with howls. He has an internal clock. He sits in front of the cupboard door where his food is kept at 5 pm every day and he brings me his throw toy we play with every morning after breakfast and when the American news come on TV at 6:30 pm. You have to love this dog!

Max in all his splendour - march 2014
If you want to read about Frasier, go to Carmi Lévy's blog at Written Inc. 

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