mercredi 3 décembre 2014

Thematic Photographic 319 - Animal Planet

Wow what a subject!  We have tons of photos of animals, it is after family, our favourite subject!  Cows, horses, donkeys and numerous farm animals are prominent in our photos.

Those who know me well will often describe me as a feminist, a strong activist for women's rights.  On this farm there are definitely no feminists, this rooster is definitely in charge!

I love to talk to farm animals if I can and give them a good pat on the neck or nose.  However, this horse did not appreciate it and seconds after the photo was taken he bit my arm!  Even with the multiple layers I was wearing, he managed to give me a good bruise!

In Québec not too far from our home Omega Park give us the opportunity to visit with some iconic Canadian animals.  Our "granddaughters" (they are really my neighbour's daughters) love our yearly visit in Winter or Summer. Check the antlers on this Elk!

Spring offers us a wonderful opportunity to see the rejuvenation of nature.  This calf was born not an hour before we took this photo.

If you wish to see the contributions of other participants, go to Carmi Lévy's blog at Written Inc. 

4 commentaires:

  1. Great photo of the elk. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The elk is a magnificent animal. I have a horse to pat in a local field but it only lets me do this if I am carrying a bag.

  3. Ah, the horse did not appreciate your sharing of affection. Sometimes, our animal friends do not think so highly of us!

    Nice photos, Michele.

  4. How fun and delightful to view your animals. Very nice collection, and one of my favorite themes too.